“An exciting debut legal thriller. Shadow of the Corps maintains a heart-pounding adrenaline level, propelling the reader through the story while blocking out everything else.  This is still a stellar start to the former Marine's fiction-writing career. A whirlwind thriller that will leave readers breathless and demanding more.”
Jen Forbus - Shelf Awareness

“Dupont is active in the U.S. Marines, and his first novel uses his knowledge of the service. Former JAG officer Dale Riley has been struggling to put food on his family’s table. His wife and new baby have been forced to move in with his parents, and he’s packing on the pounds. When he learns of a former colleague’s death under tragic circumstances, Riley quickly realizes that the man was murdered, and it’s only the beginning. The killings relate to a case he tried involving an officer and the bombing of a village in Afghanistan. The scandal surrounding that case was enormous, and now it appears it’s payback time. The courtroom scenes are engaging, and there’s something of the film A Few Good Men here, but it’s more like Grisham with blood.”

“If you loved Sorkin’s A Few Good Men, DeMille’s Word of Honor, or Wouk’s The Caine Mutiny, then you will grab DuPont’s novel and not let go until the very last sentence.  Move over John Grisham, there’s another lawyer in the courtroom—and he’s packing heat. A terrific read.”
Linda Stasi author of The Sixth Station

“Arguably the best novel to appear in this genre since the arrival of Norman Mailer with his debut, The Naked and the Dead, more than six decades ago. In this remarkable debut, high-octane prose explores the nature of evil to shocking effect.”
Tony Geraghty, author of Black Ops and Soldiers of Fortune

Shadow of the Corps, which dramatizes life and death in a crumbling American empire, is a great novel of manners. DuPont might well be Jane Austen reincarnated as an ex-Marine living on the edge.”
Justin Scott, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Janson Command and The Shipkiller