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Shadow of the Corps by James M DuPontShadow of the Corps

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In this heart-pounding debut thriller, James M DuPont takes you into the harrowing life of former JAG officer, Dale Riley.

Two years ago Dale was a defense attorney and captain in the Unites States Marine Corps. Now he’s living with his parents. He has a wife and son, and twice a month he cashes the unemployment checks. He doesn’t even have enough money to attend the funeral. Doesn’t matter. He has to go. The deceased, Alex Snead, was the prosecuting attorney at the court-martial that had cost Dale his career. It wasn’t your garden-variety court-martial. The defendant, Dale’s client, was a Harrier pilot accused of bombing a village in northeastern Afghanistan. The outcome of the trial was nearly as explosive as the night when seventy-eight Afghans and five Marines lost their lives that night in the village.

But all that was in the past, until Alex Snead is shot dead one night while eating dinner with his family at home. Dale puts the gas on a Visa to attend the funeral; however, he leaves the cemetery with far more questions than answers. Did Alex’s death have something to do with the court-martial? If so, is he next? And what does any of this have to do with the serial killings that have begun in Indianapolis?

In Shadow of the Corps, James M DuPont takes the reader on a thrilling and bloody ride through the military and civilian justice system. Here, the past and present collide, and Dale finds himself not only fighting for justice once more, but also for the lives of his recent bride and newly born son.